Lightruss is a unified, organized way to systematically hang an indirect lighting system. It reduces glare while softly and evenly illuminating surrounding areas.

Tried and tested, this flagship family has more than 1,000 installations throughout North America. Partner with our experienced applications team to tailor your Lightruss solution.

Lightruss Rail

At just 2.5 inches deep, Lightruss Rail is the most compact product in the revolutionary Lightruss family. Designed with integrated LED modules, it brightly illuminates large spaces powerfully and efficiently. Mounted on a single rail, the system's streamlined design blends seamlessly with ceiling construction. Hinged housings clamp over the extrusion and are self-supporting without tools, simplifying installation and maintenance. It's an elegant way to safely light natatoriums or other high ceiling applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Lessen glare on surfaces with indirect lighting
  • Choose from visually-matching indirect and direct lighting luminaires
  • Create a contemporary look with this low profile, single rail design
  • Present a clean visual package by encapsulating wireways and eliminating vertical stems
  • Gain freedom and flexibility for ideal positioning of luminaires regardless of ceiling impediments such as supports, HVAC, and other systems
  • Save 25 to 30 percent on installation costs by reducing the number of power drops
  • Eliminate fixtures over pools
  • Access and remove lighting modules without disassembling the entire system
  • Rail system can be modified to turn corners and change elevations
  • Ideally constructed for natatorium environments

Product Overview

Catalog ID
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Length Distribution Wattage Delivered Lumens LED Configuration
LRU12075 1 ft Indirect L63W 6,054 Single
LRU12076 1 ft Direct L63W 6,054 Single
LRU12074 1 ft Indirect L127W 12,205 Over-Under
LRU12078 2 ft Indirect L127W 12,205 Side-By-Side
LRU12077 2 ft Indirect L254W 24,409 Quad

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