Custom tailored to your specific job requirements, Lightruss can turn corners, change elevation, provide indirect lighting, invert for direct lighting, and be finished to make a statement or blend into a space. Using optical systems, lamping options, and spacing criteria, our dedicated team designs each Lightruss system to suit the project's specific needs.

Lightruss HID

Reflectors create three optical distribtutions: forward throw, asymmetric, and symmetric. These reflector-controlled light distributions, used in conjunction with a variety of lumen packages, provide the flexibility necessary to meet a project's illumination requirements.

Forward Throw Lighting
This optic projects light into a space. Ideal for deliverying indirect illumination to the work plane with the highest level of usable light. Lightruss' forward throw optic minimizes the brightness on the surface plances near the luminaire.

Asymmetric Lighting
In addition to projecting light into a space to provide indirect work plan illumination, Lightruss' asymmetric optics provide both ambient backlight on a vertical mounting surface and architectural highlighting of the ceiling plane.

Symmetric Lighting
Lightruss offers two unique light distributions created with symmetric optical systems. The traditional symmetric optic provides a directed light distribution used to deliver indirect illumination to the work plane, while architecturally highlighting the ceiling plane. The wide symmetric "batwing" ditsribution projects light at low angles, providing superior ceiling uniformity and maximizing fixture spacing. The symmetric option is available in flourescent lampings as well.

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