Echo Round 3.5 Exterior
EEW11900 46 in
Echo Round 3.5 Exterior
Echo Round 3.5 LED features a compact housing, integral power supply, and efficient optical design. This unobtrusive lighting solution with various lumen output levels is perfect for exterior applications that need a soft wash on a façade, or something to brightly light up a sign. Multiple mounting options allow for individual fixtures or continuous runs. For a complimentary lighting layout, contact our applications team at
Echo Round 3.5 Exterior EEW11900

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  • Stainless steel external fasteners will not rust or corrode
  • Field adjustable housing locks into position, enabling precise fixture alignment for high-quality design performance
  • Dust cover lens standard
  • Handcrafted in USA


  • LIGHT SOURCE: White LED light engine
  • LUMEN MAINTENANCE: L70 life = 50,000+ hours
  • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K
  • VOLTAGE: 120-277V standard
  • DRIVER: Integral Class II power supply standard
  • DIMMING:  0-10V controls standard  to 1% on LED light engines; Lutron control options available
  • CONSTRUCTION: Extruded aluminum construction provides durable protection for internal components and is recyclable; cast aluminum end caps protect internal components and are recyclable
  • FINISH:  Housing and mounting components finished to match. To specify separately, contact factory. Choose from more than 30 thermoset polyester powder coat paint colors. RAL®, Pantone®, or custom finishes available upon request.
  • MODIFICATIONS: Consult factory for all modification requests, including RGB and static color options
  • APPROVALS: ETL listed to UL standards (US and Canada) for use in wet locations


46.3 in
117.6 cm
44.6 in
113.3 cm
6.5 in
16.5 cm
6.2 in
15.7 cm
6.5 in
16.5 cm
5.8 in
14.7 cm
5.8 in
14.7 cm
26.5 in
67.3 cm
39.8 in
101.1 cm
38.4 in
97.5 cm
39.8 in
101.1 cm
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To ensure color consistency, SPI uses precise bin selection and strict quality processes to maintain a 3-step (MacAdam) SDCM on all white LED lampings. Published LED luminaire wattages are calculated using a typical power supply efficiency of 88%; exact wattages may vary based on application.

L11W | White 11W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 976
L22W | White 22W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 1,836
L43W | White 43W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 3,672


120-277V | Universal Voltage  

Lamp Options

Delivered lumens shown are at 4000K CCT; apply multiplier for delivered lumens at other CCT.

3000K 1 | 3000K CCT  
3500K 2 | 3500K CCT  
4000K | 4000K CCT  

1 Apply .95 multiplier for delivered lumens
2 Apply .97 multiplier for delivered lumens

Mounting *

Hub, Horizontal and Run mount options use either a stem or hub canopy at each end to mount over a standard 4" octagonal junction box, auxiliary mounting holes are provided. INSTALLATION NOTES: During installation the contractor is responsible to use actual fixtures to ensure accurate mounting centers from one fixture to the next along the length of the linear run. Choose a mounting from below:

HUB | Hub Mount  
HZT | Horizontal Mount  
RUN 3 | Continuous Run  
OAL | Specify Length of Run

3 For a take-off and pricing, contact factory


DF_DIM1 | 1% dimming with 0-10V control (default)  
LUT0 | Lutron Hi-Lume, (LDE1) Eco System, Fade to Black Dimming  
LUT2 | Lutron Hi-Lume, (LTEA2W) 2-Wire, 1% Dimming (120V Forward Phase Only)  
LUT5 | Lutron 5 Series, (LDE5) Eco System 5% Dimming  


LV1 | Black Unidirectional Louver Internal  

Other Than Standard Options

When selecting HZT mount, you may specify a projection other than standard. Specify overall projection required from wall to the end of the fixture. Overall projection greater than standard includes aircraft cable support kit.

OAP | Projection length other than standard.  
Enter length:   Select a light source

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Echo Round - 31st Parking Structure

Echo Round - 31st Parking Structure
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Echo Round - 31st Parking Structure

Echo Round - 31st Parking Structure
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Echo Round 3.5 - HarborChase of Shorewood
Architect: Eppstein Uhen Architects | Photographer: Jonathan D. Bailey

Echo Round 3.5 - HarborChase of Shorewood
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