Echo Reflections 9.0
The perimeter indirect of today
EEW12087 13 in
Echo Reflections 9.0 LED
Whether you want to deliver low-glare indirect illumination, accentuate the verticality of the space, or directly light the exterior of a building, Echo Reflections 9.0 is the solution. This powerful luminaire offers field adjustability and, unlike similar products, adjustable light engines that leave the fixture static. This ensures its appearance is always uniform, even when distributions are different for performance or obstructions. The sleek wedge design seamlessly blends into architecture. Available in 6,000, 12,000, and 24,000 lumen packages. For a complimentary lighting layout, contact our applications team at
Echo Reflections 9.0 LED EEW12087

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  • Increase visual comfort, eliminate source brightness, and improve light uniformity with indirect lighting
  • Field adjustable distribution ratchets to five positions: 35°, 17.5°, 0°, -17.5°, -35° while maintaining a static housing (ships from factory at 35° tilt)
  • Wet listed for interior or exterior applications
  • Natatorium-rated: rustproof aluminum housing, minimum 2 mils powder coat paint finish (except BAL finish), corrosion-resistant fasteners, IP68 light engine, fully potted power supply
  • Watertight power supply box
  • Optional direct orientation available
  • Solves a wide variety of lighting challenges in one package
  • Standard top lens corrects color-over-angle discoloration, delivering a clean white beam suitable for highly-finished ceilings and walls
  • Indirect orientation has no visible fasteners within view
  • Handcrafted in USA


  • LIGHT SOURCE:  IP68 rated White LED light engine
  • LUMEN MAINTENANCE:  L70 = >50,000 Hrs.
  • EFFICACY:  Up to 90 lm/W delivered
  • CCT:  3500K or 4000K
  • VOLTAGE:  120-277V standard
  • DRIVER:  Fully potted integral Class I power supply standard
  • MAX AMBIENT OPERATING TEMP:  Indirect = 40°C (104°F); Direct = 34°C (93°F)
  • DIMMING:  0-10V controls standard to 10% on LED light engines
  • INTEGRATED SURGE PROTECTION:  LED components are protected against minor surge events
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Aluminum construction; precision injection molded optics
  • FINISH:  Choose from more than 30 thermoset polyester powder coat paint colors or brushed aluminum finish. RAL®, Pantone®, or custom finishes available upon request.
  • MOUNTING: Mounts to a standard 4" octagonal junction box
  • MODIFICATIONS: Consult factory for all modification requests
  • APPROVALS: ETL listed to UL standards (US & Canada) for use in wet locations; suitable for interior or exterior use


13 in
33 cm
7.2 in
18.3 cm
18.1 in
46 cm
3.7 in
9.4 cm
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Approximate: 15 lb (7 kg)
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To ensure color consistency, SPI uses precise bin selection and strict quality processes to maintain a 3-step (MacAdam) SDCM on all white LED lampings. Published LED luminaire wattages are calculated using a typical power supply efficiency of 88%; exact wattages may vary based on application.

L127W | White 127W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 11,786

Voltage *

120-277V | Universal Voltage  

Lamp Options *

Delivered lumens shown are at 4000K CCT; apply multiplier for delivered lumens at other CCT.

3500K 1 | 3500K CCT  
4000K | 4000K CCT  

1 Apply .91 multiplier for delivered lumens


Shield the source from view at certain angles, absorb or block unwanted light, or reflect and redirect light with optional cut-off shields and louvers. Cut-off shield (CS) and louver (LV) options cannot be used together.

CS 2 | Cut-Off Shield  
LV 3 | Louver  

2 Apply .85 multiplier for delivered lumens
3 Apply .55 multiplier for delivered lumens

Orientation *

Available in an optional direct orientation for lighting corridors, walkways, or anywhere else direct illumination is needed.

DF_IND | Indirect Orientation (default)  
DIR 4 | Direct Orientation  

4 Direct orientation includes thermal vents


Where color-over-angle isn't a priority, such as when reflecting off of wood surfaces, you can choose a High Output option to increase efficacy to more than 100 lumens per watt delivered.

F | Fusing  
HO 5 | High Output  

5 Apply 1.09 multiplier for delivered lumens.   Excludes color-over-angle correction lens
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Echo Reflections - St. Leonard's Church

Echo Reflections - St. Leonard
image 1 of 7

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace
image 2 of 7

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace
image 3 of 7

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace

Echo Reflections - Office Workspace
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Echo Reflections 9.0 - Lobby Concept

Echo Reflections 9.0 - Lobby Concept
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Echo Reflections 9.0 Exterior - Night Facade

Echo Reflections 9.0 Exterior - Night Facade
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Echo Reflections - Seven Oaks Farm Arena
Architect: JAHN | Rainer Viertlböck Photography

Echo Reflections - Seven Oaks Farm Arena
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