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SPI Lighting

SPI Lighting is a leader in the commercial lighting industry. We offer architectural grade luminaires in numerous styles, materials and finishes that provide a high performance output. SPI Lighting continues to be a recognized leader in the manufacturing of high performance ambient lighting systems, offering both symmetric and asymmetric options in the Performance/Asymmetric category. SPI additionally offers linear lighting solutions with simple, clean lines designed with today’s budget and energy constraints.

What's New

Zynn Metal Ring
With a cross-section of just 1.25", the Zynn Metal Ring is a stunning accent in contemporary spaces. It provides a comfortable source of brightness while delivering functional light. A seamless aluminum housing and matte opal diffuser give this luminaire an exceptionally clean visual appearance from all angles. Its refined finishes and minimalist design make it a favorite for today's architects and designers.

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Zynn Metal Ring

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