New! Novato Wood Grain Finishes
Novato Ring and Drum
New! Echo Blade Micro Max
Smallest | Most Powerful | Most Versatile
New! Zynn Ring Reverb
Mirrored Rings
New! Pavo Sleek
5 Housing Lengths | 5 Lens Lengths | 25+ Finishes
Novato Globes
40% More Delivered Lumens | 9 Sizes | Consistent Luminance
Impeccable Luminous Forms
Impeccable architectural elements for your designs
The Comfort of Indirect Lighting
The best way to illuminate large open spaces
Your Design Realized
Make a lasting impression with custom luminaires
Powerful architectural designs with impressive performance
High-output, Low-glare Solutions that Light Large Spaces Better
Long Lines of Light Designed for Maximum Versatility
Enhance Safety and Add Style to Outdoor Environments


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See your design realized.

Send us a sketch of your lighting concept, and our world-class design and engineering team will help you explore methods of construction that will fit your budget; develop formal engineering drawings to ensure we make exactly what you specify; and bring your idea to reality at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

We also modify our standard products’ aesthetics or performance capabilities and can create replicas.


True to our heritage, we design beautiful products that perform, so you can light more with less.



SPI Lighting is one of few independently operated lighting manufacturers remaining in the U.S. in operation more than 30 years. All of our products are made by hand at our factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


We manufacture primarily from raw materials, not pre-fabricated parts, so we can adapt easily to project requirements. Whether you need non-standard sizes, mountings, finishes, alternate remote distances, wattages/lumens, or dimming/controls, we can handle it. Just ask.


Browse photos and discover inspiration from beautiful interior and exterior lighting.

We believe in the quality of light.

That's why we design and manufacture luminaires with comfortable luminance levels and low glare, just like when we started more than 30 years ago. Because when people are more comfortable, they are happier. Join us in our mission to improve well-being through better quality of light.