Our Philosophy


Design for applications

  • Build a toolbox of solutions
  • Illuminate spaces functionally and artistically
  • Create a palette of light

Design for the space

  • Consider scale, form, and perspective
  • Create fixtures to fit spaces, not distract

Performance first

  • Think high efficiencies with deliberate distributions
  • Minimize hot spots, shadowing, and glare
  • Deliver high quality light and robust construction

The details matter

  • Eliminate visual distractions
  • Choose materials wisely
  • Optimize human factors
  • Question everything


Develop products that adapt

  • Build a solid foundation that enables sustainability through technology advancements

Implement relevant technology

  • Avoid jumping on trends
  • Expand our technology offering with established solutions

Maximize compatibility

  • Remain agnostic to new and evolving third-party technologies

Simplify ordering

  • Keep technology easy to specify
  • Enable customers to get exactly what they expect