Standard Driver Specifications


Below are the standard drivers most commonly used in SPI Lighting’s products. The type of driver and quantity used will vary from product to product. Some products may use drivers other than those listed below. Contact the factory to find out which driver is typically used in the product being specified but be aware that substitutions may occur. 

We reserve the right to provide an equal/equivalent driver on shipped products, at the discretion of SPI Lighting, based on availability or design constraints. Replacement drivers may be an alternate not listed below. If your project does not permit substitutions, please let us know when placing your order (lead times may vary).

All drivers are Damp Location rated.

Constant Current Drivers

Driver  MFG Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Dimming Dimensions (WxLxH) Spec Sheet
30W Driver Thomas Research - LED30W-042-C0700-D 120-277V 14-42V DC 700mA 0-10V-5% 1.69" x 5.31" x 0.98" Download
30W Driver AC Electronics - AC30CD700AP0Q 120-277V 14-42V DC 125mA-700mA 0-10V-1% 1.73" x 6.22" x 1.22" Download
50W Driver AC Electronics - AC-50CD1.4APNZ 120-277V 15-55V DC 400mA-1400mA 0-10V-1% 2.48" x 5.23" x 1.18" Download
50W Driver Philips - XI050C140V054DSM5 120-277V 27-54V DC 100mA-1400mA 0-10V-1% 3.01" x 5.00" x 1.18" Download
40W Driver Philips - XI040C110V054BST1 120-277V 22.5-54V DC 100mA-1100mA 0-10V-1% 1.18" x 14.17" x 1.00" Download
75W Driver Philips - XI075C200V054BST1 120-277V 27-54V DC 100mA-2000mA 0-10V-1% 1.18" x 16.60" x 1.00" Download
98W Driver AC Electronics - AC98CD2.1APOV 120-277V 27-47V DC 700mA-2100mA 0-10V-1% 2.40" x 9.50" x 1.46" Download
180W Driver Philips - XI180C180V144BSF2 120-277V 50-144V DC 100mA - 1800mA 0-10V-10% 2.31" x 9.45" x 1.48" Download

Constant Voltage Drivers

 Driver MFG Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Dimming Dimensions (WxLxH) Spec Sheet
60W Driver AC Electronics - AC-A60VD24H2.5 120-277V 24V DC 250mA - 2500mA 0-10V-10% 1.70" x 9.50" x 1.14" Download
100W Driver AC Electronics - ACA100VD24H4.1S 120-277V 24V DC 410mA - 4100mA 0-10V-5% 2.40" x 9.50" x 1.46"  Download

Specialty Drivers

We are often able to swap out the standard drivers with specialty drivers required for various needs and specifications. Please contact our internal sales team at to inquire about your specialty driver requirements.


Below are the standard remote enclosures provided by SPI Lighting to house standard drivers. Driver enclosures are sized to luminaire requirements or thermal limitations. Wet Location luminaires are provided with Damp Location drivers and a Wet Location enclosure detailed below.

Damp Location Enclosures

13.95 in 3.75 in 2.21 in
23.70 in 3.75 in 2.21 in
21.07 in 6.73 in 3.07 in

Wet Location Enclosure

14.00 in 4.80 in 4.14 in