Echo Performance Cove 6.0
Echo Performance Cove 6.0
EIV12014 24 in
Echo Performance Cove 6.0
Echo Performance Cove 6.0 is a durable integral linear LED fixture. Engineered for optimum efficiency, it comes standard with a premium reflector and multiple optical distribution options. This enables tremendous flexibility for wall washing and wall grazing, as well as asymmetric lighting solutions. Echo Performance Cove 6.0 delivers substantial illumination and an aesthetic interior design element. This luminaire delivers the quality illumination and efficient light control the Echo family is known for. For a complimentary lighting layout, contact our applications team at
Echo Performance Cove 6.0 EIV12014

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  • A forward throw optic, for even wall wash illumination, is standard
  • Symmetrical optic options are available for more volumetric illumination
  • Provides even illumination with no break between fixture
  • Continuous row installations are simplified with supplied push-in wire connectors and lead lengths to accommodate daisy chain through wiring
  • Anodized finish provides durable corrosion protection
  • Versatile design allows fixture to be mounted in any orientation
  • Handcrafted in USA


  • LIGHT SOURCE:  White LED light engine
  • LUMEN MAINTENANCE:  L70 = >50,000 Hrs.
  • EFFICACY:  102 lm/W delivered (with Forward Throw distribution)
  • CCT:  3000K, 3500K, or 4000K
  • VOLTAGE:  120-277V standard
  • DRIVER:  Integral Class II power supply standard
  • DIMMING:  0-10V controls standard  to 1% on LED light engines; Lutron control options available
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Extruded aluminum construction provides durable protection for internal components and is recyclable
  • MODIFICATIONS: Consult factory for all modification requests
  • APPROVALS: ETL listed to UL standards (US & Canada) for use in damp locations; not recommended for exterior applications


6.1 in
15.5 cm
2.5 in
6.4 cm
24.2 in
61.5 cm
Mounting Weight
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To ensure color consistency, SPI uses precise bin selection and strict quality processes to maintain a 3-step (MacAdam) SDCM on all white LED lampings. Published LED luminaire wattages are calculated using a typical power supply efficiency of 88%; exact wattages may vary based on application. Delivered lumens shown below are for Forward Throw distribution.

L8W | White 8W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 784
L14W | White 14W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 1,477
L29W | White 29W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 2,955

Voltage *

120-277V | Universal Voltage  

Lamp Options *

Delivered lumens shown are at 4000K CCT; apply multiplier for delivered lumens at other CCT.

3000K 1 | 3000K CCT  
3500K 2 | 3500K CCT  
4000K | 4000K CCT  

1 Apply .95 multiplier for delivered lumens
2 Apply .97 multiplier for delivered lumens

Dimming *

DF_DIM1 | 1% dimming with 0-10V control (default)  
LUT0 | Lutron Hi-Lume, (LDE1) Eco System, Fade to Black Dimming  
LUT2 | Lutron Hi-Lume, (LTEA2W) 2-Wire, 1% Dimming (120V Forward Phase Only)  
LUT5 | Lutron 5 Series, (LDE5) Eco System 5% Dimming  

Optical Distribution *

See IES zip file for photometrics for each distribution.

DF_FT | Forward Throw (default)  
SMA 3 | Symmetric 60 Degree Beam - 120 Degree spread  
SMB 4 | Symmetric 30 Degree Beam - 60 Degree spread  

3 Apply .90 multiplier to Forward Throw output shown above for delivered lumens
4 Apply 1.04 multiplier to Forward Throw output shown above for delivered lumens


F | Fusing  

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