Novato 2" Frame
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AIP12159 48.00 in
Novato 2" Frame - Pendant
Designed with remarkable precision, Novato 2" Frame exhibits the purity and simplicity you seek in a square geometric form. With three fully luminous sides, crisp design details, and weightless presence, Novato 2" Frame is the ultimate design tool in architectural lighting. But don't feel like you need to sacrifice performance for beauty. This powerhouse delivers an incredible amount of light. Choose from 2’, 3’, or 4’ sizes with a 2” or 4” diffuser height.
Novato 2" Frame - Pendant AIP12159

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  • Sleek 2" x 2" or 2" x 4" cross-section
  • Fully enclosed three-sided luminous form brightens horizontal and vertical planes
  • Seamless diffuser 
  • Crisp, mitered corners that are well-lit
  • Exceptionally clean visual appearance from all angles
  • Impressive performance
  • Specialized high-transmission diffuser offers higher delivered lumens while providing uniform illumination
  • Sophisticated energized cable mounting options give the luminaire a weightless look
  • Handcrafted in USA


  • LIGHT SOURCE: White LED light engine
  • CRI: 80+ or 90+
  • LUMEN MAINTENANCE: L80 = >36,000 Hrs.
  • EFFICACY: Up to 97 lm/W delivered with power cord
  • CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • VOLTAGE: 120-277V standard
  • DRIVER: Choose from power supply integrated in canopy or remote. See mounting section for max driver distances.
  • DIMMING: 0-10V controls standard  to 1% on LED light engines; Lutron control options available with low wattage
  • EMERGENCY: Remote battery option is provided with 10W Constant Power Battery back-up, providing 90 Minutes of Emergency operation.  Contact factory for other Emergency options.
  • INTEGRATED SURGE PROTECTION: LED components are protected against minor surge events
  • DIFFUSER: Matte opal acrylic
  • CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum housing
  • FINISH: Top plate is always white (PT01). Canopy finished to match your specification (except BCE mounting). Choose from 26 standard thermoset polyester powder coat paint colors. RAL®, Pantone®, or custom finishes available upon request.  
  • MODIFICATIONS: Consult factory for all modification requests, including rectangles, tiered chandeliers, or acoustic panel options
  • APPROVALS: ETL listed to UL standards (US & Canada) for use in dry locations with use of energized cables or damp locations with use of power cord; not suitable for exterior applications


48 in
121.9 cm
2 in
5.1 cm
4 in
10.2 cm
2 in
5.1 cm
60 in
152.4 cm
48 in
121.9 cm
Mounting Weight
Approximate: 10 lb (5 kg)
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To ensure color consistency, SPI uses precise bin selection and strict quality processes to maintain a 3-step (MacAdam) SDCM on all white LED lampings. Published LED luminaire wattages are calculated using a typical power supply efficiency of 88%; exact wattages may vary based on application. Published luminaire wattages are for fixtures with power cord or "zero length" energized cables. When choosing energized cables, fixture wattages increase 0.46W per foot of OAH for low output and 0.92W per foot of OAH for high output. Voltage drop in energized cables reduces fixture efficacy; minimize OAH or choose an aircraft cable and power cord mounting to maximize efficacy. Alternative wattages available upon request.

L71W | White 71W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 6,894
L141W | White 141W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 13,691

Voltage *

120-277V | Universal Voltage  

Lamp Options *

Apply multiplier from chart for delivered lumens at other CCT’s and CRI’s.

2700K | 2700K CCT  
3000K | 3000K CCT  
3500K | 3500K CCT  
4000K | 4000K CCT  
5000K | 5000K CCT  


DF_80 | (default)  

Diffuser Height *

H02 | 2" Height  
H04 | 4" Height  


Mounting *

BCE and MCE max distance to the driver (including OAH) is 10'. BCP and CPC max distance to the driver (including OAH) is: #18 AWG = 50', #16 AWG = 75', #14 AWG = 100'. For extended distances contact factory. MCE, MCP, and BCP mount to standard 4" octagonal junction box. BCP option includes standalone (independent of ceiling couplers) junction box cover. BCE option requires access above the ceiling and uses ceiling coupler (with cable gripper) to mount to electrically non-conductive structure above. Coupler mounts to ceiling using a 3/8" through hole with a maximum structure thickness of 1.25". Excess cable exits ceiling coupler above structure to be connected to Class II power lead (BCE). Field adjustable cables allow fixture to be mounted at an application appropriate height (up to OAH). Luminaire shown above features BCE mounting. Please choose one:

BCE 1 | 7/8" Button Canopy with 4 Straight Energized Cables, Remote Supply  
BCP 2 | 7/8" Button Canopy with 4 Straight Aircraft Cables & Cord, Remote Supply  
MCE | 12" Square Monopoint Canopy with Power Supply & 4 Energized Cables  
MCP | 12" Square Monopoint Canopy with Power Supply & 4 Aircraft Cables with Cord  

1 Button canopy finished as machined aluminum.
2 Button canopy finished as machined aluminum and not painted to match flat canopy.

Dimming *

Lutron control options available with L71W lamping only.

DF_DIM1 | 1% dimming with 0-10V control (default)  
LUT0 | Lutron Hi-Lume, (LDE1) Eco System, Fade to Black Dimming  


10W, Constant Power Battery Back-up, with 90 minutes of emergency operation. EMR includes damp location enclosure for Battery back-up.

EMR | Emergency Battery Remote  

Other Than Standard Options

Specify overall height required from ceiling to the bottom of the fixture.

OAH | Pendant suspension length other than standard  
Enter length:   Select a light source

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Novato 2" Frame - Concept

Novato 2" Frame - Concept
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Novato 2" Frame (H04 Diffuser Height) - Conference Room Concept

Novato 2" Frame (H04 Diffuser Height) - Conference Room Concept
image 2 of 7

Novato 2" Frame (4" Height) - SPI Lighting Offices

Novato 2" Frame (4" Height) - SPI Lighting Offices
image 3 of 7

Novato 2" Frame (4" Height) - SPI Lighting Offices

Novato 2" Frame (4" Height) - SPI Lighting Offices
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Novato 2" Frame - Acoustic (Modification)

Novato 2" Frame - Acoustic (Modification)
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Novato 2" Frame Trio
Mike Caine | SPI Lighting

Novato 2" Frame Trio
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Novato 2" Frame - Smallwood Offices
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc. | Eric Laignel Photography

Novato 2" Frame - Smallwood Offices
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