Echo Shapes 9.0
Echo Shapes 9.0
Echo Shapes 9.0
Echo Shapes 9.0
Echo Shapes 9.0 LED

Whether you want to deliver low-glare indirect illumination to a work surface, accentuate the verticality of the space, or directly light the exterior of a building, Echo Shapes 9.0 LED is the solution.

This powerful luminaire offers field adjustability and, unlike similar products, repositionable light engines that leave the fixture static. This ensures its appearance is always uniform, even when distributions are different for performance or obstructions.

The clean, contemporary design has a beveled edge that disappears into architecture and features one of the smallest profiles on the market. Available in 6,000, 12,000, and 24,000 lumen packages.

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Spec Sheet
Lumens shown include color-over-angle correction lens.

Echo Shapes 9.0 LED


Increase visual comfort, eliminate source brightness, and improve light uniformity with indirect lighting. Echo Shapes 9.0 is among our most versatile indirect lighting solutions featuring field adjustability, a wet rating, and a direct orientation option. Its slim, contemporary design has a beveled edge that disappears into the architecture of atriums, libraries, open offices, natatoriums, and other high-ceiling spaces.

Adjust the light, not the fixture

Too often, obstructions in the field interfere with ideal lighting design. Or architects are forced to mix and match dissimilar fixtures to achieve desired lighting distributions in a space. These problems can result in inconsistent appearance of luminaires and deviations from design intent. 

Echo Shapes 9.0 features field adjustable modules which can each be independently changed to five distributions. Adjustments are internal, meaning the housing doesn’t move. This ensures the appearance of fixtures is always uniform even when distributions are different. Each module’s ratcheting mechanism easily adjusts in seconds and requires no tools.

35° Forward Throw
The best choice for delivering indirect illumination to the workplane for the highest level of usable light. Also effective when used to accent objects on horizontal surfaces.
17° Forward Throw
Emphasizes uniformity and a visually clean light pattern. Ideal solution for uniform illumination of wall or ceiling planes.
0° Vertical
Delivers light back onto the wall plane above the luminaire and to the ceiling. Ideal for highlighting columns, emphasizing the verticality of a space, or accentuating wall textures.
-17.5° Backward Throw
Graze building facades, illuminate signs, or accentuate wall textures with this distribution. Great option for controlling indirect light pollution in exterior environments.
-35° Backward Throw
Indirectly illuminate exterior walkways by reflecting light off of walls onto pathways.

Indoors or out, use Echo Shapes 9.0 anywhere

Echo Shapes 9.0 is ETL listed to UL standards for use in wet locations, which means it’s rated to go anywhere water or other liquids may drip, splash, or flow on or against electrical equipment. Think of it for exterior walls, columns, walkways, and signs.

Built to last in harsh environments

This natatorium-rated fixture is specially constructed to protect it from the humidity and corrosive chemical vapors found in pools. Echo Shapes 9.0 features:

  • Aluminum construction (lightweight and rust-proof)
  • Minimum 2 mils powder coat paint to prevent corrosion (except BAL finish)
  • Corrosion-resistant fasteners
  • IP68 rated LED light engine that is protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water
  • Fully potted integral power supply that is sealed with epoxy to protect internal components
  • Closed cell gaskets and seals ensure moisture stays out of the power supply box

SPI Lighting is an expert in natatorium lighting. We have designed fixtures to safely illuminate Olympic, competition, school, and community pools for more than 30 years.

Corrects for color-over-angle

Inherent within LEDs is a color-over-angle (COA) variation caused by phosphor path length differences. Along the edge, the angle light that exits the LED is larger, causing more absorption of blue light. What remains is a more yellow, phosphor-converted light.

This non-uniformity in color can be a significant concern, particularly in spaces with light colored walls or ceilings. Echo Shapes 9.0 includes a standard top lens that corrects for this. The diffuser film color mixes the output, delivering a clean white beam suitable for highly-finished ceilings and walls.



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