Lightruss Fluorescent
Lightruss Fluorescent
Lightruss Fluorescent

By grouping six or twelve fluorescent lamps into a single module, we provide a block of light versus a point source. This provides excellent light levels with very high uniformity that minimizes possible glare in the space.

The modules can be placed in a continuous row to maximize output, or be configured with breaks in between modules (interrupted runs) to achieve desired light levels.

The Lightruss Fluorescent suspension is created from 8 or 16 foot (both standard) sections of extruded aluminum. This interconnected system also serves as the wireway. The ability to slide the individual modules along the wireway allows for quick and easy field adjustments.

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Lightruss Fluorescent


  • Available in two sizes: LCA (6-lamp directional) & LDA (4-lamp indirect/2-lamp direct)
  • Mounting clips allow modules to be adjustable in the field
  • Modules come in 4 or 8 foot lengths
  • Durable construction and finishes
  • Optical control
  • Emergency lighting

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