Meet Our New President

Ron Newbold was recently appointed as the new President of SPI Lighting. Find out why he was selected for the job and what’s next for the brand.

What attracted you to this opportunity to lead SPI Lighting?
That’s an easy question. I call it the 3 P's: the people, the product, and the potential of SPI.

What experience has prepared you for the job?
I have been very blessed with a career that has exposed me to all aspects of business, mostly in lighting, but also in construction, biochem, and other manufacturing industries. Having had these opportunities provides me with a more solid understanding of the business holistically to make better decisions.

I also value people and enjoy this part of leadership. I’m a firm believer that if you work in partnership with others to develop them to their fullest potential, good things happen. No one can be successful without the support of others. Creating a collaborative culture solves so many things and positions the team to achieve true greatness.

I would also highlight my belief in strategy driving the business. It’s important to craft a plan with the leadership team that keeps us focused on what’s critical for success and to identify those distractions that do not. Measuring performance and making those metrics visible throughout the organization is important so everyone knows how we are progressing and where we are struggling.

You’ve worked nearly 30 years in lighting. What’s kept you in the industry so long?
Like most of us in lighting, I got into it by accident. But what draws and keeps me here are the relationships I’ve made over the years. I also have enjoyed the ability to be creative in finding solutions. That ranges from new product development, operations, strategic planning, employee development, inventory management, marketing programs, to many other areas. I’ve also been able to see most of our country and other countries around the world because of my career in lighting.

What excites you most about SPI Lighting’s future?
SPI is poised for great things, including growth. The strong reputation of SPI in the marketplace and its brand equity is something to leverage. That, with the strength and drive of the leadership team, equates to a recipe for success. I’m looking forward to being a part of this to see the company grow and the lives of all our employees improve because of it.

You are moving to Wisconsin for this opportunity. Are you ready for the winters?
Being a native Hoosier, I know what I’m getting into. Although I’ve lived in South Carolina for 25 years, I still have a soft spot for the Midwest. I’ll probably need to update my wardrobe somewhat and find some new hobbies. I’m very outdoorsy, so ice fishing may be in the cards. We will still have our home in South Carolina which will be an occasional winter oasis.