Vallejo LC 4", 6" - Pendant
Vallejo LC 4", 6" - Pendant
SIP12123 4 in
Vallejo LC 4", 6" - Pendant
Rethink layered lighting with this attractive alternative to traditional solid cylinders. This luminous cylinder's integral downlight delivers correct light levels where needed while ambient illumination adds light to vertical planes, opening up spaces. The luminous body also provides a gentle visual warm-up to the independently controlled higher output downlight source, lowering the contrast ratio and increasing comfort. Meticulous attention to detail ensures suitability for the highest-end applications. The Vallejo family consists of 4" to 12" diameter luminous cylinders.
Vallejo LC 4", 6" - Pendant SIP12123

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  • Ambient and downlight components are standard with separate switching and 0-10v dimming
  • Up to 1100 lumen performance downlight is optically shielded and available in three beam spreads
  • The ambient illumination component provides comfortable source of brightness recognition
  • A glowing aperture on the top complements the bi-planar detail on the bottom of the fixture, maximizing visual appeal from all viewing angles
  • Integrated LED luminaire design features a sophisticated passive cooling system with integrated heat sink
  • Handcrafted in USA


  • LIGHT SOURCE:  White LED light engine
  • LUMEN MAINTENANCE:  L80 life = 55,000+ hours
  • EFFICACY:  Up to 90 lm/W delivered
  • CCT:  3000K, 3500K, or 4000K
  • VOLTAGE:  120-277V standard
  • DRIVER:  Class II power supply integrated in canopy standard; remote optional.  Max distance to the driver is 15'.  For extended distances, contact factory.
  • DIMMING:  0-10V controls standard to 5% on LED light engines
  • INTEGRATED SURGE PROTECTION:  LED components are protected against minor surge events
  • DIFFUSER: White matte acrylic diffuser standard; white gloss acrylic diffuser optional
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Aluminum
  • FINISH:  End plates and mounting components finished to match. To specify separately, contact factory. Choose from more than 30 thermoset polyester powder coat paint colors. RAL®, Pantone®, or custom finishes available upon request. 
  • MODIFICATIONS: Consult factory for all modification requests
  • APPROVALS: ETL listed to UL standards (US & Canada) for use in damp locations; not recommended for exterior applications


4 in
10.2 cm
6.2 in
15.7 cm
60 in
152.4 cm
Mounting Weight
Approximate: 5 lb (3 kg)
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To ensure color consistency, SPI uses precise bin selection and strict quality processes to maintain a 3-step (MacAdam) SDCM on all white LED lampings. Published LED luminaire wattages are calculated using a typical power supply efficiency of 88%; exact wattages may vary based on application. Alternative wattages available upon request.

L4W | White 4W LED Light Engine

Delivered Lumens: 360

Voltage *

120-277V | Universal Voltage  

Lamp Options *

Delivered lumens shown are at 4000K CCT; apply multiplier for delivered lumens at other CCT.

3000K 1 | 3000K CCT  
3500K 2 | 3500K CCT  
4000K | 4000K CCT  

1 Apply .95 multiplier for delivered lumens
2 Apply .97 multiplier for delivered lumens

Light Source Option *

If you’re specifying a downlight option, layer the ambient and downlight IES files. Please choose one:

10W-19° Spot | 10W (800 delivered lumens) Downlight - 19° Beam  
10W-35° Narrow | 10W (800 delivered lumens) Downlight - 35° Beam  
10W-45° Medium | 10W (800 delivered lumens) Downlight - 45° Beam  
14W-19° Spot | 14W (1100 delivered lumens) Downlight - 19° Beam  
14W-35° Narrow | 14W (1100 delivered lumens) Downlight - 35° Beam  
14W-45° Medium | 14W (1100 delivered lumens) Downlight - 45° Beam  
No DL | No Downlight  
10W-19° Spot
10W-35° Narrow
10W-45° Medium
14W-19° Spot
14W-35° Narrow
14W-45° Medium

Diffuser *

DF_MA01 | Matte Acrylic Diffuser Lens (default)  
OA | White Gloss Acrylic Diffuser  


Mounting *

Mounts to standard 4" octagonal junction box. White power cord suspension standard (adjustable up to OAH). Integrated power supply canopies feature a 45 degree swivel. Remote driver option available for minimal canopy profile with a 22.5 degree swivel. Stem mounting optional. Choose a mounting from below:

DF_PSC | 5.5" Power Supply Canopy with Cord Suspension (default)  
CAS | 5.5" Canopy & Stem, Remote Supply  
CAC | Power Cord Suspension with Remote Power Supply & 5" Canopy  
PSS | 5.5" Power Supply Canopy & Stem  


Other Than Standard Options

OAH | Pendant suspension length other than standard  
Enter length:   Select a light source

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