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Better optical efficiency combined with improved LED performance has helped usher in a new generation of indirect lighting products that are smaller, more powerful, and control light better than ever before. Now you can gain the benefits of indirect lighting, while meeting energy codes.



Increase visual comfort Reduce glare Improve light uniformity
Add a soft, pleasant glow to any space with indirect light. It works by reflecting light off of the ceiling plane, increasing perceived spaciousness of the room. In areas where natural light is lacking, indirect luminaires can provide the feeling of natural light, enhancing comfort and alertness. By lessening glare, indirect lighting improves visibility, eases eyestrain, and may even increase productivity. It can be a key design tool when lighting for seniors and other low vision populations, whose eyes are more sensitive to glare. Promote safer, healthier environments by designing with indirect light. In spaces where furniture may be rearranged and flexibility is important, uniform lighting is crucial. Indirect lighting delivers lower min-to-max ratios and evens transitions between fixtures. In addition, it avoids high-luminance contrast and reduces shadows, balancing light.




SPI Lighting was built on the foundation of indirect lighting, and we remain committed to developing luminaires that deliver those benefits. 


Indirect Products
Echo Expanse
Lightruss LED Gen 2
Echo Blade
Lightruss Rail
Echo Reflections 9.0
Echo Shapes 9.0
Echo Round
Echo Shapes Multiples
Echo Velocity
Echo Cove
Radial Pendant