Lightruss Overview
Lightruss Overview
Lightruss Overview


In spaces where reducing glare, enhancing comfort, or improving light uniformity are top priorities, indirect lighting is an ideal choice. Recent advancements in optical efficiency and LED performance have facilitated the development of smaller, more powerful, indirect lighting fixtures that control light better than ever before. This is enabling a new generation of buildings to enjoy the benefits of indirect lighting while meeting energy code requirements.



SPI Lighting revolutionized how to indirectly light spaces when it introduced Lightruss three decades ago. Today, it remains one of the best ways to illuminate open spaces. Lightruss combines a suspended modular truss support system and performance lighting modules to deliver illumination for a wide variety of applications. Integrated state-of-the-art LED technology has modernized product offerings, which now feature efficacy up to 130 lumens per watt and max output of 110,000 lumens per fixture.

     LED Conventional
 Lightruss LED Gen 2 Lightruss Rail Lightruss Fluorescent Lightruss HID
 Light Engine  LED LED Fluorescent Metal Halide
Optics   True Asymmetric with Full Horizontal Cut-off Symmetric with Forward Tilt    
Vertical Profile   4" 2.5" 19 - 30" 17"
Delivered Lumens  54,904 - 109,809lm 6,370 - 245,480lm  30,000lm 24,000 - 55,055lm
Footcandle Design Targets*  30 -150 fc 30 -100 fc 50 - 100 fc 30 - 100 fc
Efficacy  up to 127 lm/W delivered up to 130 lm/W delivered up to 70 lm/W delivered up to 55 lm/W delivered
Ceiling Height  20 - 70 feet 12 - 35 feet 16 - 40 feet 20 - 70 feet
Pre-wired  Yes No No Yes
Male/Female Connectors  Yes No No Yes
Hinged Housings  Yes Yes No No
 Truss Design Two Rails
4 wireways
Single Rail
2 wireways
Single Rail Three Rails
 Removable Fixture Heads Yes Yes No No
Fixture Options  2-, 3-, or 4-LED banks indirect  1-, 2-, or 4-module indirect
1-module direct
6-lamp direct
4-lamp indirect/2-lamp direct
1- or 2-lamp direct
Damp Rated  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Encapsulated Wireways  Yes Yes Yes Yes
10% Dimming  Consult Factory Yes No No
Instant On  Yes Yes Yes No
Rated Lifespan  L90 = 72,000 hours L70 = 50,000 hours 36,000 hours 10,000 hours
Max Ambient  45°C(113°F) 34°C(93°F)    
Can incorporate A/V and other accessories  Yes  No Yes Yes
Can Turn Corners  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Change Elevations  Yes Yes No Yes
Distribution  Predominantly indirect with supplemental direct available Predominantly indirect with supplemental direct available Direct Predominantly indirect with supplemental FL direct
Ideal Applications   Natatoriums
(mid to large size pools)
(small to mid size pools)
Natatoriums Natatoriums
(mid to large size pools)

 *Specifics depend on details of individual layout.


The system’s streamlined design fully encapsulates wireways and eliminates vertical stems, presenting the clean visual package sought after by today’s architects. It can be designed to blend with ceiling construction or to add a visual accent. 

Lightruss saves building owners 25 to 30 percent on installation costs by reducing the number of power drops and conduit requirements. Beyond that, the truss framework enables the ideal positioning of luminaires regardless of ceiling impediments such as supports, HVAC, and other systems, making it popular choice with engineers. 

It is a favorite for lighting natatoriums. Because Lightruss minimizes glare on waters’ surface, it improves the visibility of lifeguards and enjoyment of spectators. Designed to light from the perimeter, it eliminates fixtures over pools. Lighting modules are easily maintained without disassembling the entire system. It’s damp-rated, durably constructed, and proven to last in harsh environments.



Not at all! To ensure each system is tailored to your job requirements, our experienced applications team provides complimentary engineering support on all Lightruss products – from initial inquiry to final installation. Here’s how it works:

Start Design Installation
An experienced Lightruss application engineer will interface with you and your design team to obtain the illumination and space parameters needed to begin the system design. We will provide application photographs, budget parameters, and references from similar projects, if applicable. A complete set of documentation will be provided for inclusion in your bid. The documentation will vary based on the system but could include all or any of the following: overall layouts, circuiting diagrams, and construction details. Our local representatives, in partnership with our Lightruss team, provide final project pricing and can walk contractors through the installation process to ensure they are comfortable with how the system is supplied and installed. Lightruss LED is pre-wired, each light module is aimed, and every section is pre-assembled at the factory. Each section is also individually packaged for shipment and ease of handling. Each package and component is keyed to the installation drawings so all components are easily identified at the job site. Lightruss Rail is a simple to use system that is easily field wired and can be configured, installed, or adjusted in the field. The system is sent out as common components for easy identification and installation.

Contact our applications team at to find out which Lightruss system is right for you.